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Upgrade Your Excite Email Account

Better Email. Better Support. Better Security. Same Look.

Did you forget to upgrade before September 1, 2021? No problem! You can still upgrade your account without losing any of your data.

If you already upgraded your account, you can login here.

Data Privacy
Your data belongs to you and we will never sell it or share it.
Improved, Ad-Free Email
More storage. More tools. No Ads.
More Security
Increased email security helping to reduce spam.
Same Look
Same platform. Your settings. Keep your mail.

Ready to upgrade account?

Upgrade to Email Powered By BlueTie

As of September 1, 2021, Excite no longer provides a free email service. Instead, you have the option to move to a new subscription-based email with improved services through our long-time partner, BlueTie.

For a small annual fee, you'll be able to keep your contacts and messages with uninterrupted service. Your email address will change, but you'll keep the same email platform you know with your current settings.

If you switch to BlueTie Home, in addition to your new address, you'll still be able to send email using your address until August 31st, and you'll still be able to receive email to your address until December 31st. If you choose not to upgrade, you will not be able to access your account after August 31st.

Data Privacy
BlueTie prides itself on data privacy and security. That means we will never sell or share any of your information and protect it. We believe your data should remain yours.
Ad-Free Email
BlueTie will never show you ads as part of the interface. This means less clutter in your inbox and faster load times than our competitors.
Same Interface. Same Look.
Use the same interface you’ve known for years with all your settings, emails, and contacts intact.
Improved Spam Protection and Storage
Keep more emails you want and receive less of the ones you don’t with additional storage and improved spam protection.
No More 90-Day Account Expiration
No longer worry about your account expiring. Log in when you need to and rest assured your account will be there when you need it.
POP/IMAP and Mobile (Premium)
POP/IMAP/SMTP access allows you to send and receive your Excite mail from any email client, like your phone or Microsoft Outlook.
Email Forwarding (Premium)
Need to forward some emails to other email accounts? Now you can with email forwarding. Create filters to simplify it.
Phone Support (Premium)
Have a problem? You can call us directly and get support from real people. Our standard plan includes an online support site.
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